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Parent Involvement Policy

We are a school that knows the value of parent involvement. We recognize that parents are their kid's first teacher! Take a look at our parent involvement policy. We invite you to contact us at any time. Principal Shawn Cook is welcoming of phone calls to discuss any ideas or concerns you may have. We also invite you to call our main number to set up a time to meet in person at 360-443-3400. Below is our parent involvement policy. Paper copies of this policy are always available at our parent resource center just inside the main doors.

Sidney Glen Elementary

Home of the Dolphins!

Parent Involvement Policy

At Sidney Glen Elementary we understand the importance of working collaboratively with parents to ensure all of our students are successful; therefore we are committed to providing a variety of opportunities for parent involvement:

  • An open house for parents of Sidney Glen students will provide school and program information.
  • Parents will be invited to all school activities including Family Learning Nights, PTA family events, and all pertinent workshops, meetings, classes that address working with their child.
  • Parents are encouraged to provide input regarding school/student needs.
  • Parents will be involved in an annual needs assessment/parent survey, and Title 1 building program evaluation and plan. Parents may provide written comments if they disagree with elements of the plan.
  • A monthly email is shared with upcoming events.
  • Teacher-parent communication concerning student progress is ongoing. Teacher contact information is found on the school website.
  • A Family Resource area is available to parents just inside our entrance. This area has information about health care, family and student activities, and community resources.
  • Parents will participate in goal setting for their child as they agree to, and sign a Compact during the first parent/teacher conference.
  • This Title 1 Parent Policy will be reviewed and updated by Sidney Glen’s Parent Involvement/Climate School Improvement Committee and then be distributed annually to all Sidney Glen parents. If you would have an interest in helping us with this meeting, please contact the school to discuss the possibility with Mr. Cook.